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Housing Development at Thomas Street, Hindley Green.


Residents Consultation 2 Click Here (PDF) 30th August 2012

Residents Consultation 1 Click Here (PDF) 4th July 2012

Hindley Green Consultation Layout 1. Click Here ( PDF)

Hindley Green Consultation Layout 2. Click Here (PDF)

UPDATE 17th July 2012

For results of drop in session, Hindley Green Family Church (The Bethel) on Wednesday 11 July between 4.00pm & 6.30pm

Click Here


Ashley Crumbley
Chief Executive
The Resident

Thomas Street
Please ask for Cheryl Foster or
Hindley Green
Please ask for Michael Sollars
Direct Line 07900 226808
Direct Line 07866 747121
Date 4 July 2012

Dear Sir / Madam



Thomas St One Way Proposal

A public notice was published
in the Wigan Observer dated
12th Feb. advising that WMBC proposes to make the street subject to One Way Working Order.
Residents have been advised
by letter. Closing date for
written objections, 13th March 2013.
Click Here for Details

£10,000 is to be set aside from
the Housing developement for Traffic calming in Thomas St

Housing Development
Thomas St


Seddons are undertaking the developement of 34 new
properties in Thomas St Hindle Green

Newsletters Below.

Newsletter ( PDF )
March 22nd, 2013

April 13th 2013
May 31st 2013
July 2013

Update Thursday 10th October 2013
Properties up for Rent

1- PDF
2- PDF
3- PDF

December 2013


Resident Consultation - Potential Development at Thomas Street, Hindley Green.

You may recall my letter dated 19 June 2012 in which I Informed you that Wigan & Leigh Housing and the Council were considering a possible development of new build homes for rent on Thomas Street, Hindley Green to meet the shortage of affordable housing in the borough.

If you have any queries regarding this letter or you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 07900 226808, or Mike Sollars, Housing Project Manager on 07866 747121.

Yours sincerely

Cheryl Foster
Regeneration and New Build Programme Manager
2 Encs

Thomas St One Way System ( UPDATES )

PLEASE NOTE: The New One way traffic system is now in place as from 3rd July 2013.
Please note: there is no right turn at the junction of Organ St/ Thomas St.


Taken from Classifieds ( Wigan Observer, May 7th 2013 )

The Wigan Borough ( Thomas St Hindley Green )
( One Way Working ) Order 2013
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Wigan Borough Council, in exercise of its powers under Section 1 of the Road
Traffic Regulations Act 1984, has made The Wigan Borough ( Thomas St ) ( One Way Working ) Order
2013 which will come into operation on 10th June 2013.
The effect of the Order is to introduce One Way Working on :-
1. Thomas St, Hindley Green in an easterly direction from East St to Leigh Rd
The effect of the Order will be to revoke One Way Working on:-
1. Thomas St, Hindley Green in an easterly direction from East St to Harrison St
2. Thomas St, Hindley Green in an easterly direction from Sarah to Leigh Rd
A copy of the Order and of the relevant map may be inspected at the Town Hall, Library St, Wigan
between 9.00a.m and 4.30 p.m on any day from Monday to Friday.
Any persons who desires to question the validity of the Order or any provision contained therein on the
(a) that is not within the powers of Section 1, or of part 111 of Schedule 9 to the said act. Or of any
regulations made under the said Part 111 of Schedule 9 has not been complied with, may within six
weeks of 7th June 2013 make application for the purpose of the High Court.
Dated this 7th day of May 2013
J. Mitchell, Head of Service, Town Hall, Library Street, Wigan WN1 1YN

Subject: Thomas Street Prohibition of Waiting and One Way orders
Recently, an advertisement for two proposals for Thomas Street Hindley was issued. One proposal was to introduce a Prohibition of Waiting order at the junctions of Thomas Street/East Street and Thomas Street/Harrison Street.The other was to introduce a One Way order on Thomas Street for its full length. As a result of the advertising 5 objections were received to the Prohibition of Waiting and 3 to the One Way order.
Four of the objections to the Prohibition of Waiting were on the basis that the residents would not be able to park outside their properties and the displacement of their vehicles would have a detrimental affect on other residents.The other objection was a comment rather than an objection as it was a request to mark the restrictions across the school access.
The three objections to the one way order were regarding access difficulties onto Thomas Street from East Street due to the parking of vehicles.
The two proposals need to be considered together as they are interlinked. The objections to the One Way order can only be addressed if the proposals for the Prohibition of Waiting at the junction of Thomas Street and East Street are introduced. We acknowledge the fact that the introduction of the Prohibition of Waiting order will prevent the residents directly affected from parking outside their properties but there is ample parking available in Thomas Street for the residents to park on street outside of the school dropping off/picking up times as non resident parking levels are low.
We are recommending that :-
1) The introduction of the Prohibition of Waiting order at Thomas Street/East Street be implemented as advertised but the proposals for Thomas Street/Harrison Street be abandoned as there will only be one turning manoeuvre if Thomas Street is made one way.
2) The one way order on Thomas Street for its full length be introduced as advertised.

Places Directorate
Wigan Council
Wigan Life Centre, (South Building), College Avenue,Wigan, WN1 1NJ
01942 489303 (int ext 89303)

Thomas St One Way Consultation. Consultation Form

The issue of volume of traffic in Thomas St and the constant blockages created by this volume of traffic at school times is the main issue in the proposal for a one way system.
Following numerous complaints, Hindley Green Residents Association first became involved in 2008 and since then numerous discussions have taken place with WMBC Highways Dept. staff, and several proposals have been put forward.

With the building of new housing units on the site of the old Primary School, and the completion of the Sport England football pitches, these problems will surely worsen and the proposed one-way system is an attempt to alleviate the traffic problems and, most importantly, could help to improve a Health and Safety issue, particularly in view of the number of children attending the new school.

Everyone concerned is entitled to their views. That is why there is a Consultation Procedure in progress and no doubt you will have received the Consultation letter from Mr. Ian Lovatt, Area Engineer (WMBC), dated 1st November 2012, with its accompanying questionnaire, where you can express your feelings.

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