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Previous Successes by HGRA

| Thomas St One Way System | Westlake Path Projects | Westlake Play Area | Dedication Plaque | Knogs | Leigh Rd Crossing |
| Leigh Rd Bad Bend | Hindley Green Signage | Noticeboard | Coupland Rd Play Area |

Residents Associations can effect changes in the community by acting as pressure groups.
HGRA has been successful in numerous projects. Some of which are below:


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Tel: 01942 254831



Acquired from Councillors Brighter Borough Funding with matched funding, Hindley Green Residents Associated took possession of a defibrilator which was organised by Councillor Frank Carmichael, the defibrilator is to be kept at Bethel Community Centre, Atherton Rd, Hindley Green.
This defibrilator will be on hand for emergency use by all the groups that use the premises of the Family Church.
Above are some committee members from the Association, presenting the defibrilator to Eddie Marshal of the Family Church at Bethel.

Flower Tubs outside local Businesses

Hindley Green Residents Association secured funding from the local councillors Brighter Borough Funding to
provide flower tubs to be placed outside of local businesses. These tubs are maintained by WMBC in Bloom.

Sample of Tubs

Living Tree Planted

A joint effort between the Hindley Green RA and local councillor Cllr Bob Brierley resulted in a 4ft living christmas tree being planted on the grassed area next to the Bethel.
The money was provided by a donation from Seddons builders to who we are very grateful.
Cllr Brierley kindly put some lights on both the christmas tree and the trees behind it.

Stall at St John's Christmas Fair

HGRA put on a stall at St John's Christmas Fair showing all the projects that the association had been involved in since it started in 2008.

Thomas St One Way System

Due to a residents campaign for a One-Way system on Thomas Street, which was supported by Hindley Green Residents Association, and local councillors. Following a Residents Consultation Exercise which was approved by a majority in favour, the One-way System was finally implemented on 3rd July, 2013. The new system runs from East Street through to Leigh Road.

The reason for the campaign was the amount of street blockages and congestion caused by the sheer volume of traffic generated by the two schools. The volume of vehicles and the double parking issue very often resulted in a complete standstill of traffic.

The campaign continued to push for traffic calming measures to be introduced in Thomas Street, in an attempt to combat the habitual use of Thomas Street, to avoid the traffic lights at the junction of Atherton Road and Leigh Road. Using Thomas Street for this purpose creates a real danger to school children, pedestrians and vehicles.

This also was a success and traffic calming has been implemented along the length of the street.
This action has made a tremendous difference in the street.
Although the volume of traffic is still large at school times, it very quickly disperses, leaving the street pretty much traffic free.
Since these measures have been implemented there have not been any blockages at all.

On the whole this campaign which lasted for 11 years has been a complete success.

Westlake Paths Project

At the Clayhole (Westlake), a disabled access has been installed at the Crossdale Road side of the Lake. This disabled access has been arranged and funded by WMBC's DDA Group.

HGRA would like to thank The Hindley Green Homing Society for the generous donation of £ 220 towards the wheelchair access at the Clayhole.

Thanks also to Neil Gaskell, Jim Chadwick and Fred Lloyd for thier very generous donations.
These donations have helped in acheiving this goal.

Renewal of the main footpath
It is anticipated that the renewal of the main footpath around the Lake, which is a joint project between Hindley Green Residents Association and local Councillors Bob Brierley and Frank Carmichael, is already
underway an will be completed by the end of March. This will be undertaken by ISM Construction Ltd.
The operation will be overseen by WMBC Planning Dept.

Picture right, shows some of the work already completed.
The new pathway will encircle the lake.

Above,Councillors and representatives of HGRA
Picture from Wigan Today news report ( Click )

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Campaign for Secure fencing around the Westlake area.

Campaign for renewal of Westlake Play Area Surface.

After years of campaigning, HGRA, working with the local councillors, secured the funding to resurface the play area at Westlake ( Clayhole ).
The surface was sand and was in need of constant cleaning and maintenance to keep it free from rubbish and glass which is a health & safety issue.


This work has made a great difference to the play area and is now much cleaner and safer.

In the process of this surface renewal, it was found that the slide that was situated near to the rocks was unsafe and had to be removed.
The decision of Wigan & Leisure Culture Trust was not to replace it because of lack of funding.
HGRA are not happy with this decision, as there have been complaints from residents that use this area with children. The play area is now a peice of equipment short.
HGRA are now campaigning to have this slide replaced.

UPDATE: December 2012. The campaign by HGRA to have the slide replaced was a success.
Wigan council accepted to replace the slide as part of the maintenance budget.
On the 10th of January 2013, the slide that was removed because of health & safety issues was replaced.
See picture below:



Dedication Plaque

Plaque fitted by HGRA to the bench at Bethel in memory of PCSO Chris Maclure.







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( Safety flashing lights for cyclists )

Front White, Rear Red

HGRA have now purchased a number of KNOGS ( Safety flashing lights for cyclists ) in partnership

with WMBC PACT Team and Hindley Green Cllr, Bob Brierley.

The Knogs, as agreed with Sgt. Wade, GMP, will be passed to the local PCSO’s for distribution during the darker nights.

Police PCSOs Donna and John, Local Councillors Bob Brierley and Frank Carmichael and
Hindley Green Residents Association Committee members Jeff Unsworth and Ivy Dickens, outside
The Bethel Community Centre, Hindley Green for the start of the distribution of Cycle safety lights
(Knogs) to the local children in Hindley Green as agreed with Sgt Wade GMP.

This Project was funded by WMBC PACT Team, HGRA (Hindley Green Residents Association)
and Hindley Green Cllr, Bob Brierley.

Tuesday 11th October 2011
A bright idea to keep cyclists safe this year

Young cyclists in Hindley Green don't have to worry about being visible to other road users as the
nights draw in this Autumn…. Because when it comes to safer cycling in the dark, they've been given the green light. And the pink one, and the orange one, and even the purple one. In fact, every colour in the Knogs range of funky
flashing LCD bike lights.
It’s all part of a seasonal campaign by Wigan Council and other local agencies across Hindley Green
who are so committed to making young cyclists safer on the road this autumn that they've agreed to
fund the purchase of 100 Knogs.

Funding to purchase the lights has been secured from local ward members, Hindley Green Residents Association and PACT - Partners And Communities Together. And over the next few weeks,
PCSOs on patrol who see young kids riding without lights will offer to fit a set of Knogs to their bikes
on the spot, free of charge.
"Many young cyclists who ride without lights simply don’t realise just how vulnerable they are,
especially at this time of year when it goes dark so early," says Inspector Anne Scott of Hindley Neighbourhood Policing Unit. "This funding has enabled us to buy lights which will literally save
lives this winter."

"Knogs are easy to fasten on to handlebars and seatposts, and are neat and very compact,"
says PCSO John Barker. "There's no fussy brackets to bother with, they just slip on and off in
seconds, and because they're made of a soft material, they won’t scratch your bars.

“We hope this campaign sends a powerful message to parents that they need to play their part
to ensure their children are safe and that their bikes are maintained to a roadworthy standard."
Local ward member, Cllr Bob Brierley contributed to the purchase of the Knogs from his
Brighter Borough fund. Cllr Brierley says: "The Brighter Borough budget enables ward members to fund grass roots initiatives which directly benefit local residents - and how better to invest it than in the safety of our young people. Young cyclists on their way home from after-school activities are particularly vulnerable as the nights draw in, even more so if they are riding without lights. Those who fail to follow basic safety guidelines
are putting their lives at risk. The message behind this campaign is simple. Be seen. And be safe."

Ivy Dickens, acting Secretary of Hindley Green Residents Association says:
"This very worthwhile safety scheme has been a 'team effort' and everyone involved should be
commended for their support and generous donations towards the cost of the Knogs. Hindley
Green Residents Association was pleased to make a contribution as well and we hope the Knogs
'twinkle ' brightly and help prevent accidents"

Pictured above:

Young cyclist Nathan Fairhurst is pictured with PCSO Donna Longhurst, Jeff Unsworth and
Ivy Dickens from Hindley Green Residents Association, Cllr Frank Carmichael, Cllr Bob Brierley
and PCSO John Barker.

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Leigh Rd/ Atherton Rd, Pedestrian Crossings

Hgra joined in the campaign to get the traffic footprint done and help bring about the much needed changes at the Leigh Rd/Atherton Rd junction.



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Safety measures at Bad bend on Leigh Rd Hindley Green

Hgra joined in this campaign with local residents and a local councillor after residents brought it to the attention of the Association. Since these changes were made the accident rate has almost ceased.

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Hindley Green Signage.

Hindley Green Residents Association headed the campaign for signage.The idea was to try and put Hindley Green village back on the map and at the same time try to reduce the speed of traffic.
HGRA decided on this sign which shows the area around Westlake, locally known as "The Clayhole"

With the help of the local councillors, Four signs were erected at the entrance points to Hindley Green.
1. Near Laurel Nuseries.
2. Near Carr Common Rd.
3. Tamar, Leigh Rd.
4. Bickershaw Lane.


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New Hindley Green Residents Association
Noticeboard & Flagged area

Hgra applied for funding from WMBC's Engineers fund to flag this area next to Bethel Community Centre and erect a new HGRA noticeboard.
Also new rails have been added along with a Bench.
A 5 tier planter and 2 other planters have been put in place June 2011.


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Coupland Rd, Childrens Play Area

Hgra played their part in campaigning along with local councillors for the childrens play area in Coupland Rd on the Belvadere Farm estate.

This was a project that utilized the 106 monies collected from the purchasers of the properties built on the site.


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