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Be Beautyful

Old Pictures of Hindley Green
If you have any old pictures of Hindley Green or it's people and would like to share them on our web site.
Please contact HGRA Webmaster: Contact
You can E Mail your digital photo's to the above contact address
We can arrange to scan your pictures and return them to you.

Old Maps of Hindley Green
(Submitted by Barry Lack)
Click maps to enlarge
           .............    .    1849            1894            1908         .... 1928
                        ............      1937            1953       ..    1958  

John Hosker Atherton Rd, Age 16 yrs
Pretoria Pit Disaster, Dec 21st 1910

In and Around Johnson St, Hindley Green.


The old Pig & Maggot Farm, Hindley Green.
Submitted by Brian Lee ( See Readers Memories )

I am sending you this photo for your site.

My father William (Bill) Dootson born 1905 was the son of John William Dootson who at one time was manager of the Leigh Friendly Cooperative on Atherton Road Hindley Green. My father had two brothers Tom and Harry (who died in the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918). My father’s uncle was T R Dootson and his mother was Martha Ashworth (sister of Joseph Ashworth the mayor). I think that the family lived at the house in the attachment which is just near the old school whilst the children were young.
Regards Hilary

Hindley Common School 1909 William Dootson b.1905

My name is Florence Blyth nee Baxendale
I have sent info to your site before about the factory chimney down swan lane and the Boggart Houses I thought you may like this photo of my Grandfather William James Baxendale he is the one standing on the right next to him his son Mathias this photo was taken behind the houses in Johnson street down Swan Lane it was before 1925 as Mathias died of TB in 1925 all the men lived in Johnson Street
Florence Blyth


Hugh Keany of No 6 Harrison St Hindley Green
Hugh with his wife Teresa and daughter Vin

Hugh Keany 2nd from right, front row.

Hugh Keany front row right

Do you recognise anyone or have further information, contact

Annie and Christine Davies about 1949 / 231 Leigh Road

Brunswick Methodist Day School 1950's

Jim Hotchkiss - Back row right hand side, at the end of the row.
Next to me is David Seddon.
Next to back row, fourth from right is Jaqualine Blower.
I was born in one of the houses in the background, number 9 or 11 Slackey Fould Lane, my grandparents house, their name was Walls.
My address was 271 leigh road, hindley green. Where the car park of the mechanics arms pub is now.
You can see that I am the one standing to attention, as I remember! my mother and grandma were looking over the wall telling me to stand up straight and put my arms by my side.

Jim Hotchkiss

St Johns Choir 1930/40s

St Johns Walking Day in late 50s

St Johns Walking Day late 1950's

Hindley Green, St Johns School ( Submitted by Neil Shotton )
4th girl from left is Janet Flanegan, 10th l is Christine Bold, 13th is Brenda Collier (me), 14th is Pat Sherrington, teacher is Fred Hardman.
Second row, 8th boy from left is Christopher Reeve, 14, 15 & 16 are Jim Fisher, Jeff Fisher & Steve Fisher
Third row 5th girl from left is Maureen Porter, 7th is Iris Statham
Bottom row, second boy from left is Dennis Woods, 4th is Robert Holden, 16th is Rodney Brockley.
Do you regognise anyone else??? Let us know ( Contact )

Ranicar Farm, Hindley Green
( Submitted by Byron Morris )

Hilda Alice Turton, later Rigby, delivering milk from the farm, somewhere in Hindley Green.

Hilda Turton on milk float at Ranicar Farm

Mary Turton somewhere on Long Lane
( Submitted by Byron Morris )

Junction of Organ St



The Old Co-op Building, Located at the corner of Harrison St and Atherton Rd.
Below the shops as they are today.
(Submitted By Raymond) 

Hindley Fever Hospital in its hey-day, with Matron and nurses in old-fashioned uniform.
Situated in Sandy Lane.

Sent in by Edna Booth

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Edna Booth nee Pennington wrote:
Just thought you might be interested in this Hindley Green photo - 1950s I think. 
Taken at a Sacred Heart (Swan Lane) Catholic Young Mens' Social dad,
Harry Pennington, God Bless him, fifth on the left.  Interestingly, my dad was seemingly
an anti-catholic bigot....but he had a regular night out at the Catholic Club and often drank
with Fr. Goslin, the Sacred Heart priest.  So - one evening, on his return from his employment
at Norstel, Fr. Goslin popped out from the Presbyterie to say "Harry, are you coming to the
CYMS Social on Friday night?"  My dad, being a totally honest man, replied "Father, I can't - 
I'm not a Catholic!"  To which Fr G replied "You can bend your elbow and sing the first verse
and chorus of  'Faith of our Fathers', can't you?" which, I was told, my Dad replied that
he could sing that hymn all the way through....he'd learned it at the ceilhdes (is that how you
spell it? pronounced "cayleys") we had on some Saturday nights with my mother's Irish-Catholic relations....I remember them - they started with "Mountains of Mourne", "Paddy McGinty's Goat"
and ended with "Faith of our Fathers", followed by a soprano rendering of "Ave Maria". 
But my dad went to the CYMS Social - and the photo might well have been taken by Fr Goslin
himself.  Incidentally, fourth from the left might be a chap called Bill Foster, who lived in Thomas Street.
Meanwhile, does anyone know anything about "Stone House"?....coming down Leigh Road from
the Bethel Chapel end, on the left there was the railway station, with a track alongside the line
- then a little further on there was a track we called Stone House.  It would be nice to hear from anyone who knows anything about the "Stone House".  I lived in Hindley Green from about three
years old to twenty-odd, and I've wondered forever about Stone House.
Edna Booth

I was just wondering if anyone had any info on this photo. I am not sure when it was taken
but it's out side the Alexandra on swan lane.
The landlord is standing in the doorway his name was Thomas Harrison his wife was Maggie.
As you can see at the front they are holding trophies and in the window is a poster with
something final on it.
best regards.
Graham Purnell.

Comment from: Diana Louise West Roughley

The picture which was taken outside the Alexandra pub the man on the right No11, is my dad George Frederick West. The lady, Mrs Hughes No 3, is my Great Grandma. George was married to Annie
Rushton my mum they lived at Speakmans Farm (Brookside Kennels),which belonged to my Grandad
George Rushton.I know my dad played football for the Alexandra Pub.

Picture below taken around 1920 at the front of the Alexandra pub, Swan Lane, Hindley Green showing the landlord at that time Matthew Ashurst.

Picture submitted by: Stephen Harvey.


If you have further information, Contact: HGRA Webmaster

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Photo of  Ann Lane and her daughter Bertha Lane about 1890, outside their shop at 526 Atherton Road Hindley Green.


The shop later became Scowcroft Street Post Office.



Sacred Heart Hindley Green. 1920/21

Anne Campbell ( 4th left 2nd row)

Jack Morris at work at Turner Bros 1950s


Turner Bros group picture
late 1950s

 Turner Bros Cricket team early 1950s

Sacred Heart Walking Day 1957


Sacred Heart 1st Communion 1966


Sacred Heart May Queen 1967

Do you recognise yourself?

HGRA Webmaster

Pictures submitted by Lois Best
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Alf Green of Yew Tree Farm
Selling milk at 3d a pint.

Farmer John Green, son Alfred & Housekeeper Martha Abbott

Yew Tree Farm,

John Green with his family

 Threshing at Yew Tree Farm

Atherton Rd 1928
St Johns ( Near right ), Bethel United Methodist Church ( Back left ) 



 Hindley Green Hall, Leigh Rd
The Statue that used to stand in the garden of the Hall

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Horse Ambulance 1913 

School Row, Atherton Rd

Soup Kitchen, Brunswick Chapel 1926

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"With permission from Wigan Archives Service, WLCT".

St John's School Class 1908/09
Submitted by Eric Turner



 St Johns Class 1923



Bethel Young Mens Football Team
Around 1934


Bethel Young Men 1934 

The above photo's are from the old Bethel.

Locally known as " Top O't Sonds Chapel "
Photograph's with kind permission of Eric Turner. ( Eric is the little boy sitting on his dad's knee)
( Eric's grandfather Fred Turner was choir master)
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Scowcroft's Colliery, Hindley Green.
The site was used for the storage of cotton bales towards the end of W.W.2 and for a
few years after. Eric Turner took this photo' from the top of the slag heap known as the
Aerial Flights when on leave from the Army in 1947. The bales were stacked, covered with
tarpaulins and corrugated iron sheets until needed.
The black building with tower to the top left of photo is Kirkpatrick Mill,or Hindley-Green
During the War it had been RAF Depot,Hindley Green, not a lot of people know that.
 The road going from Scowcroft's lodge to the left middle distance is now Maple Ave 

The white building in the centre is Harold Grimes shop at the end of Long Lane on
Atherton Road. New houses are under construction in Scowcroft Street,(Maple Avenue).
probably No,13&15. Green's farm is in the field on the right.

The above photo's with kind permission of Eric Turner

Pictures Below are of Scowcroft Farm, ( Scowies ) Hindley Green

Pictures Submitted by Graham Purnell
( The farm house at the bottom of the photo is where I was born. The Farm house address
is Scowcroft Farm,Close Lane, Hindley Green, near Wigan.)

Pictures above,with kind permission of Graham Purnell
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The Cow & Calves Hotel, Hindley Green
Locally known as " Nurseries of Naughtiness " 
 This hotel stood where the industrial units are in Leigh Rd opposite PPG

The Pawnshop, Organ St, Hindley Green 1904



The Railway Hotel, Leigh Rd, Hindley Green



Landlord and Landlady The Railway Pub. circa 1909
They are listed there on the 1911 census -Daniel and Mary Whittle.
This is a photo taken at the back of the pub of one of their sons and his wife with their 3 sons.

This couple later became the Landlord and Landlady of the Leg O Mutton in Hindley.


Picture with kind permission of Vera Howarth ( Abram )
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Very brief history of "The Bethel Church"

This information relates to the site on Atherton Rd, Hindley Green at the top of Leigh Rd
where the Bethel Community Centre stands.

Today it is occupied by the Family Church @ Bethel.

Bethel United Methodist Church Hindley Green was originally known in the early days as
Hindley Common Church.

The church began in 1865 and the Church & Sunday school were offshoots of Brunswick
Methodist Church which was in Leigh Rd, Hindley Green. Today known as Hindley Green
Methodist Church.

The church was founded in1865 in the house of William Meadows in Coal Pit Lane.

George Elliot offered his small shop on Atherton Rd for use as a Sunday School.


The floor had no floorboards, no stone flags the people stood and knelt on the bare earth.

On the 1st Sunday 10th Sept 1865 there were 58 people attended in the morning and 87 in
the afternoon.
On the 2nd Sunday, 17th Sept there were a total of 160 persons attended.

Eventually the shop became too small, so there was an appeal for money to build a new Church.

John Thomason ( Picture below ) appealed on behalf of United Methodist Free Church.

 Charles Abbott of Swan Lane loaned his barn (Above) for Sunday school address.

In 1866, Lomax & Griffiths of Platt Bridge were employed to do the building
( A small brick building ) and on the 23rd July 1866, the foundation stone was laid.
The building cost £250 and took 13 and a half mths to complete.

In 1871 – 72 the school began to give way because of land movement caused by the
nearby pits. The Church was declared unfit for worship.

Thomas Kirkpatrick and Sons cotton mills offered a room in the mill in Atherton Rd to be
used as the Sunday School and Church. The Church stayed in this room for 1 year.


Early pioneers of the church at Bethel


                  John Hodgkiss was Lead Singer


Because of the damage, the last meeting was held in Church at Bethel on June 22nd 1873

A legal wrangle took place between the Bethel trustees and John Speakman, who at first, refused
to accept liability for the damage.

Eventually, after a very expensive law suit and a 4 day trial in Bolton Town Hall, John Speakman
was forced to accept full responsibility for the damage and erect a temporary building of wood
( Described as a lovely looking Doric style building, which was eventually clad with zinc tin.



 Because of the many different buildings that had been used for the Sunday School and Church.

  1. Cottage shop
  2. Small brick building
  3. Hindley Green mills
  4. Wooden Chapel

Various names emerged for the Church, name such as: Noahs Ark, Silver Chapel, Tea Caddy,
Top-o-th-Sands and United Methodist Free Church.

As the church numbers grew, it became obvious that this building was not sufficient for the size
of the congregation.  

Finally the church stewards did a deal and sold the wooden building to Westleigh Mill for £120
and it was dismantled in 1882.
A new brick church was built ( below ) at the cost of £1,315. 16. 6, the foundation stones being
laid on 4th November 1882.


Further wrangles with the Swan Lane Brick and Coal Co took place as a result of damage to
the Church. A shaft was sunk 30 yds from school and caused further damage to the school.

Finally, after much aurgument and court dealings in 1896 the matter was settled.

 In 1901 a new pipe organ was installed.

The church had many problems over the years.

In 1905 the foundation began to give way again.

On two occasions the building was struck by lightening and on another occasion damaged by
stormy weather.

 The church celebrated its Jubilee Celebrations on Saturday & Sunday 30th & 31st October

The church building was eventually demolished about 1971.



"With permission from Wigan Archives Service, WLCT".

More detailed account can be found in Leigh Library

History of Bethel United Methodist Church Hindley Green from 1865 to 1915

Compiled by

Geo Short and Chas Bowen.

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Other Hindley Green Pictures

Hindley Green Railway Station, Leigh Rd


Hindley Green Railway Station
Leigh Rd, Hindley Green.

The station was opened by the London and North Western Railway on 1 September 1864, in common with other stations on the Manchester to Wigan Line.

The station joined the London Midland and Scottish Railway during the Grouping in 1923 and passed to the London Midland Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948.
The station closed on 1 May 1961.
Coal deposits were the chief motivation for building a railway in the area and the railway's supporters included many local colliery owners and industrialists.


Victoria Hotel, Atherton Rd



 Above Photo's Courtesy of Wigan Shades


Detatched house in Swan Lane Built 1936.

No other houses around it.

One of the first cars to be seen in Hindley Green.

Morris 10 REG 1935 ( Parked outside of above house)


Above is the house during the building.

 Below, Notice the row of terraced property in the background,

these houses would have been where Ingersol Rand now stands.

Florence Blyth nee Baxendale of Hindley Green wrote....

"I was brought up in those houses, there was a long row then Johnson Street then
a row with 6 houses and a shop at the end I lived in the middle of this small row the
chimney was Richard Howarths cotton mill".


 Further to the right of this row of houses is Alder Lane, there was some houses known as
" The Boggart Houses " Below.

According to this Census Return for 1841

Boggart House was next to Alder Lane, which originally was 'Howler Lane'


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( see Old Facts )


If anyone has any more information about the above, please contact


HGRA Webmaster



The next picture is possibly the chimney behind the terraced row.

Band march in Swan Lane ( Cobbled street )


 Gentleman on the left is Alfred Taylor.

Photo taken outside Kirkpatricks mill that used to stand opposite Tesco on Atherton Rd.


Alfred Taylor was also a local bee keeper.



Photographs courtesy of Sheila Woodward ( grandaughter of Alfred Taylor )

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Thomas St 1980
( Boys Brigade Hut to the right ) ( Harrison St top right )

  Thomas St 1984
Strip of land next to Thomas St Infants School.
Now the site of 6 semi detatched houses.
Above Pictures submitted by
Karen Sherrington

 Ronnetts Dance Troupe September 1982
County Cllr Stan Simmons presents GMC Lottery Cheque
Submitted by Ron Shuttleworth

Fire at Jacob Harworths Factory
Hindley Green
11th July 1979
For people that maybe unaware of past events in Hindley Green, a major fire occurred on the former site of Turner Brothers Asbestos, Hindley Green on a Wednesday lunchtime 11th July 1979.
A massive explosion occurred causing a towering inferno that sent smoke and flames up to 200 feet above the factory. Staff working on site had to run for their lives to save themselves.
The fire started in a two storey warehouse at rear of the site, The warehouse contained Cotton Bales, Minerals, Plastics and Polyurathane.
It is believed the fire was started by sparks from welding being carried out in the neighbouring Ward and Goldstone premises.
The building had been sold (leased?) by T.B.A. months before to Jacob Haworth a Transport and Warehouse company based in Chorley.
The fire burned for 48 hours before it was finally extinguished. The final damage was estimated at between £3-10 million pounds, it was so bad that the entire building had to be demolished over the coming months. We will never know what was contained in the fabric of the building from its days processing asbestos.
During the event black acrid smoke covered Hindley, Hindley Green and Bickershaw plus the surrounding areas. That smoke may have contained toxic ash and gas that settled all over the locality.
It is conjecture that the fire and prevailing winds spread toxic contamination across a wide area resulting in serious health problems to local residents.
Not only is there a suspicion of toxic waste products being disposed on land adjacent to the factory but the later fire may have spread poisonous substances to inhabitants of Hindley and surrounding area.

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 More old pictures can be seen by clicking the link below


Click here for more Local Pictures & Clothes Styles


Also see more Old Facts & Diary of Local Events 1852 - 1875


Click here for diary extract



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